Series and uses of Oakley glasses and sunglasses

First, OAKLEY category means a lot

By type: OAKLEY sunglasses, goggles, glacier glasses, myopia lens

Style: Sport series (m Frame\Flak Jacket\Jawbone ... Sports Special sunglasses, OAKLEY's flagship), Active series (the Monster Dog, between the styles of Sport, fake oakleys, and Life Style), Life Style series (for example, Frogskins, casual sunglasses)

By ethnic origin: Regular (default version, suitable for Europe and race head and nose), Asian Fit (for Asian nose and head, will have subtitles in numbers j, cheap oakley sunglasses, m sorry you bought so far are not Asian version = Frame =)

Sex: this does not say ...


By lenses classification (this has cross): Regular (General lenses), and Polarized (polarizing lenses, left Xia angle will has Polarized words, can filter off reflection light, I most like of a), and Iridium (plating Iridium lenses, is lenses outside and mirror as of that, is up a block light effect), all lenses are can bear dramatic impact, this super Newby, annual are has for wearing OAKLEY escaped blind of disaster of people to OAKLEY wrote thank-you notes

Oakley Radar Path Sunglasses

By material: C5 (alloy), and o Matter (OAKLEY of House plastic, the aspects performance special Newby), and X-Metal (a aluminum material, feel some heavy), and Titanium (new out of titanium alloy series, no contact had), and also has a is limited version in appeared had of carbon fiber, super light, I in London Oakley flagship shop see had, more than 14,000 more Yuan......


Versions: original, customized version (choose your own colors and typeface), limited edition (such as the Olympic Games Special Edition)

Sports: the basic Sport series, OAKLEY flagship is riding, off-road motorcycles, cheap oakley sunglasses sale, skiing, golf, run these projects, oakley sunglasses outlet, m Frame you can use in addition to skiing and cross-country motorcycle.

According to customer groups: civil (that is our common OAKLEY), military (Elite S.I. series, has an independent website, not to private sale, mainly produces military goggles, gloves, footwear, backpacks, only law enforcement, the military can purchase lots on eBay, Amazon)

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