how to maintain oakley sport Sunglasses?

Fashion is often tired of new "old", but sunglasses is that never goes out of fashion, and oakley sunglasses will be "old" may be inappropriate because you care, oakley sunglasses cheap real, Sun glasses also need maintenance.

First of all, to learn from Virgo.

Wearing dark glasses, make sure you carefully like fine jewelry, as well as Virgo, maintaining cleanliness, be sure not to touch the lens with his hand to prevent causes of stains on the lens, oakley sunglasses outlet clearance, as elegant as a Virgo, sport Sunglasses, picking sunglasses gently with both hands to avoid frame deformation affected eye comfort and Visual acuity.

Second, to spend maintenance


As well as take care of delicate skin, hard to maintain your oakley sunglasses. Sunglasses are sensitive to heat, so when the weather is hot, cheap oakley sunglasses, not recommended plastic frame sunglasses in the car on the dashboard. Sunglasses looks very cool, sport Sunglasses, in fact, have a "heart of glass", so don't sunglasses lens downwards, especially when placed on a hard surface, can damage the lens. oakley Sunglasses are clean, so clean it often, oakley sport sunglasses sale, on sandy or dusty environment, rinse with tap water before the lens, remove the sand or dust may scratch the lens, and then wipe with a Microfiber cloth.


Lost oakley sunglasses, so when in motion, to fasten it on the frame, which can prevent the loss of sunglasses fell.

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Again, please master sunglasses cleaning and maintenance techniques

  • 1. wash with warm soapy water frame, cheap oakley sunglasses, remove dirt and grease.
  • 2. do not use household cleaning products or milk green agent soap clean sunglasses or other additives.
  • 3. wipe the lens with a soft cloth only.
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