Children should not be long wearing sunglasses

It gradually heats up, many parents are keen to buy sunglasses for their children, in order to keep out the Sun, the second is can make children more beautiful, cool. Recently, this reporter after consultation with the doctor learned that parents who buy children sunglasses to be careful, because kids wearing sunglasses not only useless, but may damage the eyes.

On March 18, the reporter interviewed the parents of several children children's sunglasses, some parents say they buy sunglasses in addition to protecting their child outside the child's eyes, cheap oakley baseball sunglasses, but also to make children more beautiful, fake oakley sunglasses wholesale, but children sunglasses will have an impact on children's eyes, they do not know.


Reporters in the interview that, children's sunglasses price difference is huge, wholesale children sunglasses for only 10 ~15 Yuan a pair, while in shopping malls, stores are priced at dozens of to hundreds of Yuan. Style, the price difference is so great. More than 10 Yuan and hundreds of children's sunglasses what has gone bad? A shop assistant told reporters that the main difference in lens material. Inferior sunglasses are mostly plastic lenses, neither Sun, also can cause eye damage. Because human eyes in strong light pupil will narrow, Dim light pupil magnification. Cheap sunglasses UV protection function, color dark lenses after wearing reduced the intensity of incident light, pupil dilation, not blocks the UV rays are more likely to damage the eyes, oakley sunglasses cheap, even more harm than when not wearing sunglasses. In addition, poor quality sunglasses make rough, refraction, lens thickness of over mixed, uneven color, optical performance problems. Worn for a long time can cause blurred vision, headache, dizziness, Vertigo, fatigue of the eyes, which can also lead to decreased Visual acuity.

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Doctors recommend that parents can give their children when they go out on shading effect of wide-brimmed hat. Outside in the Sun, especially in strong direct sunlight or on the beach while wearing sunglasses, but should not be too long, basically controlled within an hour or two. Is in need of attention, children under 6 are not suitable for long wear sunglasses. Especially children younger than 3, the Visual feature is not yet fully developed, need more bright and clear images exciting, long wearing sunglasses, eye macula they are not stimulated, children's sunglasses will affect the further development of the Visual, which can lead to amblyopia.

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